Plixio Pair of Wooden Two-Way Adjustable Shoe Stretchers, Professional Shoe Expander for Men and Women’s Dress & Casual Shoes

Plixio Pair of Wooden Two-Way Adjustable Shoe Stretchers, Professional Shoe Expander for Men and Women’s Dress & Casual Shoes

Price: $14.99


2 Pack Wooden Adjustable Shoe Stretchers (US Men’s Size 5-12; Women’s Size 8-13)

Make your own custom fit shoes

These adjustable shoe stretchers help make every pair of shoes your most comfortable pair of shoes. Whether you suffer from bunions, are prone to getting blisters, or just have wide feet, these shoe adjusters were designed to help you.

Simple design and functionality

To adjust the width of your shoes simply place the stretcher inside the shoe and turn the handle to build pressure. The stretcher will start to expand and widen inside of your shoe. Once you have adjusted the shoe stretcher to the desired shape, all you have to do is leave the expanded stretcher in your shoe overnight or for a full 24 hours. The longer you leave the stretcher in your shoe the better results you will see.

To adjust the length of your shoe, you will need to adjust the lengthening knob until the block heel of the stretcher extends to the length you need.

An additional step you can take to help maximize the comfort of your shoes is to attach one of the four included pressure relief pods. On the top of each shoe stretcher, there are 10 small holes. These holes are carefully placed in the areas most people have concerns with.

100% no hassle satisfaction guarantee! Your feet will thank you!

These unisex shoe stretchers will fit men and women’s shoes. Will work with men’s shoes ranging from sizes 5-12. For use with women’s shoe shoes ranging from sizes 8-13.

Our two-way shoe stretchers were specially designed to lengthen and widen shoes that are too tight and uncomfortable. Help prevent painful blisters and calluses caused by shoes that are not properly adjusted to your feet by using our shoe expander
These shoe expanders were crafted from top quality wood and come with a reinforced plastic handle to make it easier to open the stretchers. Each shoe stretcher comes with four pressure relief pods to help address each person’s specific needs
Our shoe stretchers make it possible for anyone to get the perfect fit for their shoes. Whether your shoe concern is width, bunions or tightness in the toe or heal, this shoe stretcher will help expand to give you a custom fit
To use, simply insert each shoe stretcher into your shoe and twist the handle until the stretcher expands to the desired width you need. Then, leave the stretcher in overnight or for 24 hours. The longer you leave the shoe stretcher in your shoe, the better it will expand your shoe
Each shoe stretcher comes with a full one year warranty that covers any damage or defects

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